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Below you can find information on our most popular services. If you have questions or a specific project that you would like a quote on, please contact us. 
Chapter 4 & 5 Package

Most clients prefer to work with me on both their analysis and discussion sections. Most projects run between $2000-2500 for this package deal, although more complex projects may run slightly more. Firm quotes can be provided once sample data and RQs are reviewed. Alternatively, I am happy to work with you based on your top goals and budget. 

For Chapter 4 (Results), this package includes recommendations on statistical analysis based on data/measures and research questions, data cleaning and organization, testing of assumptions associated with statistical analyses, running of analyses, and writing up of results.  For qualitative projects, this includes

This also includes up to two hours for discussing the results so you understand why particular analyses were used, what results mean, and what should be discussed in defense.  

For Chapter 5 (Discussion), this includes an outline with a summary of results and suggested talking points to discuss results, tie together past literature with current findings, and offer recommendations for practice and future research. Two iterations of editing are included in the package.

Please note, if raw paper data are provided and need to be entered into a database, an additional data processing fee may apply. 

Ad hoc Analyses

For those individuals who only want assistance with statistical analysis without taking part in the package deal, ad hoc statistical analysis can be conducted and reported.  This is conducted on an hourly basis at a rate of $100/hour, to the nearest 15 minutes (minimum 1 hour).  This may be more budget friendly if you have more simplistic analyses, already have the data set up properly, and do not need additional assistance with interpretation pertaining to discussion.  


For clients who have completed the Chapter 4 & 5 Package, but would like addiitonal analyses run (e.g., follow-up analyses), these can be conducted at a rate of $80/hour

Methodology & Surveys

Assistance with methodology and/or survey selection/creation is suitable for those who need help setting up their methodology to ensure the proper data are collected to address their research questions. Too often students realize AFTER collecting their data that their survey does not measure what they thought it did, is not reliable, or the form of data collected is not appropriate for answering their research questions. Get help BEFORE you have a problem. Please contact me to discuss your project and for a quote. 

APA Editing & Formatting

APA Editing and Formatting is available at a rate of $100/hour for new clients and $80/hour for previous clients. The length of time spent editing will depend on the level requested and the quality of writing. Formatting only, according to your university's formatting guide (which you must provide), will have the fastest turnaround time and lowest cost. Light editing will involve reading through the dissertation for grammar, spelling, and APA mechanisms/formatting. Heavy editing will involve a thorough reading of the dissertation and editing on content, methodology, results, and clarity in addition to formatting. Please contact me for an estimate.

Dissertation defense coaching is also available at a discounted rate of $50/hour for all previous clients.

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